Bar Hopping 16 x 16 Will Bullas Limited Edition Metal Prints

Bar Hopping

Will Bullas "Happy Hour Collection" Limited Edition.
Will Bullas puts humor in fine art.

Signed Limited Edition on Metal
Image Size: 16 x 16 in.
Edition Size: 350

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    The Art of
    Will Bullas

    Will Bullas

    Happy Hour Collection

    Born in Ohio and raised in the Southwest, Will Bullas enrolled at Arizona State University and was majoring in fine arts with a minor in dramatic arts when he was drafted. In Vietnam, his first professional pieces were pencil portraits of fellow soldiers, which were sent to loved ones back home. Returning from military duty, he enrolled in the Brooks Institute of Fine Art in Santa Barbara, California and graduated with a degree in oil painting. 

    With the encouragement of his wife, Claudia, he then quit his printing press job—reproducing the work of other artists—and concentrated on his own art. The couple settled in California, where Will's exclusive relationship with galleries resulted in a growing group of dedicated, enthusiastic collectors.

    Will makes fine art fun.  This master of one-liners combines award winning artist skills with a hilarious point of view, creating a refreshing and unexpected new way to enjoy fine art.

    The Infused Metal process represents a new art medium for preserving fine art by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets.  The metal prints take on a magical luminescence.  Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled.

    You've never seen a more brilliant impressive piece of art before! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking.  Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.  They are waterproof, scratch resistant, extremely durable and can be cleaned with industrial glass cleaner