Guillermo Forchino Comic Art Sculpture.




Every single item is individually numbered and identified by a stamp on the bottom of each piece. Each item is wrapped in the unique Forchino Newspaper with a special label attached. On both the label and the sticker on the bottom of each package, this unique number is written. Enclosed in each package, a booklet with the Forchino autobiography and pictures of a selection of the Forchino collection can be found. And finally, a unique and numbered certificate of authenticity completes each package.

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FO85506 The Couch Potato
  • $274.50
FO85088 The Rally Car
  • $459.00
FO85087 The Sidecar Tour
  • $388.13
FO85085 The Big Boss Limousine
  • $432.00
FO85084 The Camper
  • $478.13
FO85082 Shelby Cobra Silver
  • $360.00
FO85080 The Fireball
  • $331.88
FO84015 The Surgeon
  • $138.38
FO85067 Tour of Duty
  • $288.00
FO85535 The Hunter
  • $337.50
FO85071 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
  • $315.00
FO85048 The Playboy
  • $225.00
FO84002 The Golfer
  • $123.75
FO85531 The Teacher
  • $416.25
FO85529 The Judge
  • $292.50
Products: 115 of 49