Don Casheone
Don Casheone
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Don Casheone

Ziggy has been making his living as an artist since the early 80's . He went to art school in New York City, and has been painting and drawing his way through life ever since. From murals to album covers, motorcycles to graffiti, he has experimented with all types of media. But it wasn't until he painted his first canvas that he realized that this is what he was meant to do. Ziggy's original paintings and limited edition prints have sold all over North America and as far as Japan. His obsession with painting and detail often lead to many late nights in his studio. It is not unusual for Stacy (Ziggy's wife and "Boss of the House") to wake up in the morning to find him still painting from the night before. He once stayed awake for 32 hours working on a single painting. "Insomnia gets a bad rap, some of my best ideas come from lack of sleep." ziggy Today Ziggy resides in Las Vegas with his wife and family. Ziggy Oleary

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Limited Edition Giclee 30 x 40