Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture




Tim Cotterill's bronze frogs are one of our most popular items. His bronze sculptures capture the whimsical character of these little creatures.

Tim Cotterill, also known as Frogman, was born in Leicester, England, in 1950. He left school at the age of fifteen to complete a six year engineering apprenticeship. Tim emigrated to California in 1990 where he has since devoted himself solely to the creation of his unique bronze frog sculptures.

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SKU Product name   Price  
BF242 Mistletoe
  • $660.00
BF240 Off The Wall
  • $2,730.00
BF224B Lady Spencer
  • $1,950.00
BF224B-clone-1 Lady Spencer (Orange)
  • $1,750.00
BF222 Napoleon
  • $1,505.00
BF221 Spot On
  • $660.00
BK5 Big Kahuna
  • $2,740.00
BK4 Big Blue
  • $775.00
BK3 Mellow Yellow
  • $675.00
BK2 Enforcer
  • $540.00
BK1 Small Fry
  • $425.00
BG1 Chico
  • $615.00
PW3 Triangle Paperweight
  • $255.00
PW2 Horizontal Paperweight
  • $255.00
PW1 Vertical Paperweight
  • $255.00
Items: 115 of 138, per page